Introduction to Building Energy Asset Score

The Building Energy Asset Score (Asset Score) from the U.S. Department of Energy is a national standardized tool for assessing the physical and structural energy efficiency of residential commercial and multifamily buildings. This training will provide asset score overview from concept to implementation. Step by step, you'll learn how to create your building's energy model and in less than 30 minutes generate the Asset Score report - no modeling experience required. You'll also learn how to navigate and interpret your Asset Score report through our online resources.

Introduction to Audit Template

The Audit Template is a web-based platform for entering data from building energy audits, carrying out data validation, exporting and exchanging audit data, and sending data to cities that have local energy audit regulations. This workout will show how Audit Template can support a standard ASHRAE Level 2 energy audit. Step by step, you'll learn how to create an account, pick the correct template, share your build data, and export your data in different formats. You'll also learn how Audit Model can help optimize the use and usefulness of your audit data through standard formatting, automatic error detection, and integration with other DOE resources.

Introduction to the Standard Energy Efficiency Data Platform (SEED)

The Standard Energy Efficiency Exchange Platform (SEED) is a central hub for building-relevant datasets from multiple sources for an organization that can be linked to other tools or dashboards and prioritizes buildings for upgrades and identifies cost-effective upgrade actions within them. This training will introduce the basic features of SEED and how to get started using the method.

Introduction to the Standard Energy Efficiency Data Platform (SEED) Advanced Features

Learn about the advanced capabilities of the Standard Energy Efficiency Exchange Platform (SEED), including data integration with GIS, uploading interval and meter data, and the ability to connect with other tools such as the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, BuildingSync, Audit Template and the Open Efficiency Platform.